Strengthening the relationship between 
South Africa and Turkey

Objectives of The South Africa Turkey Association

Public Opinion
  • Identifying the points of agreement between Islamic Rights and Western Freedoms.
  • Identifying the points of agreement between Islamic Rights and Western Human Rights.
  • Identifying the points of agreement between Islamic Values and Western Values.
  • Release a short cultural series about life under the Ottoman Caliphate, compared to Modern Democracies.
  • Disseminating truthful research, news and information regarding Islamic values, Islam and Muslims.
Financial Alliance
  • Identifying bilateral trade opportunities between South Africa and Turkey.
  • Arrange conferences on behalf of the Turkish Government and the South African Government.
  • Promote investment between the Turkish business community and the South African business community.
  • Helping grow the GDPs of South Africa and Turkey through international trade.
  • Promoting the export of the South African and Turkish essential industries.
Political Alliance
  • Working towards the vision of a multi-polar world through the formation of The Union of Developing Nations. 
  • Private and secure conflict resolution and mediation offered by The Union of Developing Nations.
  • Consolidate support for humanitarian and other initiatives of the The Union of Developing Nations.
  • Negotiating international women and children prisoner swaps and releases. 
  • Providing an international political/humanitarian speaking platform.
  • Awards for useful political/humanitarian initiatives and inventions.
  • Asylum for whistleblowers and refugees.
To strengthen the relationship 
between South Africa and Turkey.
To gather strong support for Turkey from all African Nations, starting with South Africa.

Brief History of the 
South African - Turkey Relationship